Real Estate Mediation

   A mediator is a neutral third party that meets with parties in conflict to facilitate effective communication, develop understanding, and help the parties to collaborate in reaching a voluntary agreement. It differs from arbitration, where an arbitrator hears the arguments of the parties and then renders a binding decision. 

  Most real estate purchase contracts require that the parties first participate in mediation before proceeding to either arbitration or litigation.

  Paul is a full time mediator and certified communications trainer, who has successfully resolved hundreds of real estate and business disputes, including those involving earnest money, misrepresentation, nondisclosure, home defects, financing, construction issues and various forms of breach of contract. Paul uses his expertise in law and communications to help parties clarify issues, be heard and understood, and find mutually satisfying solutions.

  Paul practiced law for thirteen years, handling real estate transactions, business transactions, and civil litigation. He left his law practice and in 1999 founded the Center for Complete Communication, where he conducts mediations and provides training in communication and conflict resolution. Paul has provided hundreds of communication and conflict resolution trainings to mediators, attorneys, parents, teachers, doctors, homeowners associations, business professionals, counselors, psychologists and social workers.

  Mediation is a far superior alternative to litigation. Mediation is fast, efficient and inexpensive. It not only solves problems, it can also save valuable business relationships.

  Paul graduated Cum Laude with a law degree from the University of Wisconsin, with an emphasis on real estate studies. His undergraduate degree in Economics is also from the University of Wisconsin. He received years of communication and mediation training from the International Center for Nonviolent Communication.