Communication Training for Businesses

The Center’s Complete Communication (“CC”) process strengthens relations and creates harmony among business owners, managers, clients, employees and coworkers. When disputes do arise, the CC process enables the parties to find common ground and reach satisfying solutions.

Within a team framework, using CC the team leader exercises power with, rather than over the people in his/her group. The exercise of power over people inevitably results in resistance and resentment, which translates into conflict and reduced productivity. 

In contrast, the exercise of power with people creates connection, collaboration and cooperation. The leader obtains a deeper understanding of the group members and develops strategies which tap into their energy and their strengths. The leader and his team develop goals and methods that meet the needs of the organization and the members of the team. 

Thus, in a very real and practical sense, CC recognizes that an organization is a collection of people, and is only as productive and successful as each employee can make it. CC harnesses and utilizes the greatest power available to an organization: the power of a creative, internally motivated workforce cooperatively combining efforts to achieve shared goals.  

The  CC process starts with a judgment free awareness that people, whether at home or at work, are primarily attempting to do one thing: fulfill their needs, values and desires. CC uncovers the unfulfilled human needs and values at the root of conflict. Using CC, needs and interests are expressed with strength and clarity, but in a compassionate way that will be well received.  CC also includes active empathic listening, so that no matter how harsh the speaker’s language, the unspoken needs and values are heard and acknowledged.

CC trainings vary in length, from a five-day intensive to ongoing two-hour practice groups. We tailor programs for the specific needs of clients, such as the following:

  • Managers/employees/coworkers
  • Human resources personnel
  • Sales personnel
  • Boards of Directors
  • Employer management and unions
  • Social workers
  • Teachers and parent