Communication Counseling

Paul Jozef provides Complete Communication (“CC”)  counseling for individuals, couples and families. At a minimum, you will discover the source of conflicts and learn effective tools to communicate with yourself and others. But you will also have the opportunity to discover so much more.

For most of us, our moment to moment attention is focused completely upon our life situation (our thoughts and feelings, people’s behavior, finances, plans, relationships, goals, desires, fears, etc…) and we usually interpret life through a mind structure that asks whether people and things are good/bad, right/wrong, reasonable/unreasonable, acceptable/unacceptable or appropriate/inappropriate. We run around managing all of the details in our lives and hope that true, deep inner peace will some day, somehow arrive. But does it ever arrive, and if so, for how long?

Is there any doubt that, in all we do, and in all everyone else does, there is a core seeking for peace, joy, love, acceptance, freedom and security? How often do we recognize the beauty of that within ourselves and others? And when learn to do that moment to moment, what begins to unfold?