Business Mediation

A mediator is a neutral third party that meets with parties in conflict to facilitate effective communication, develop understanding, and help the parties to collaborate in reaching a voluntary agreement. It differs from arbitration, where an arbitrator hears the arguments of the parties and then renders a binding decision. 

Every business regularly encounters disputes. Every business knows how difficult, time consuming, expensive and slow the traditional legal process is. In the past, you could either pay the high price of litigation through lost time and attorneys fees, or just write off the situation, losing money and valuable business relationships in the process.

Now, with mediation, there is a much better alternative. Mediation is fast, efficient and inexpensive. It not only solves problems, it also saves valuable business relationships.

Parties using the Center’s mediation services will enjoy the following advantages:

*Success and satisfaction. Mediation works in approximately 90% of cases. When successful, it is a satisfying accomplishment for the parties.

*Control. The parties maintain control over the process and the outcome and create the best possible resolution. You don’t give up control to the whims of a  judge  or jury.

*Save money. The parties will spend a small fraction of what it would cost to litigate the matter in court.

*Save time. Mediation sessions are set up according to the parties’ schedules and mediation typically takes weeks, as opposed to litigation, which takes  months or years. 

*Constructive not destructive. Litigation destroys already strained relationships. Mediation  not only resolves disputes, it lays a foundation for positive ongoing relations between the parties.

*Full disclosure. Parties to mediation are required to disclose all information relevant to the dispute.

*Voluntary. The mediation process is wholly voluntary and either party can stop mediating if he or she so chooses.

*Confidential. Everything said or done in mediation is private and confidential, and cannot later be used against a party in court.

Our founder, Paul A. Jozef, J.D. conducts the Center’s business mediations. He has extensive training and experience in conflict resolution and communications. With thirteen years of experience as a litigation and transactions attorney, he can assist the parties in understanding their legal rights, and will draft a legally sound, customized comprehensive settlement agreement.