Communication Training

What is “Complete Communication?”

Complete Communication (“CC”) is a process of heightened awareness, precise verbal expression and active listening. Using CC, people can interact in a way that is more authentic, satisfying and effective. The CC process originates from the “Nonviolent Communication” process developed by  world  renowned peacemaker Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. 

CC begins with a judgment-free awareness that promotes understanding and acceptance of others. CC helps people identify the complex needs and values that motivate their behavior, and to express themselves with more impact, accuracy and effectiveness. CC also teaches people how to listen empathically, even to harsh or imprecise language, and respond powerfully to the speaker’s needs and values. 

In our private communication counseling, individuals, couples and families discover the source of their conflicts, heal their divisions, and discover a foundation for unity and cooperation.  They may also explore more deeply to find a pathway to inner peace.

At our CC trainings and workshops, participants discover how CC generates a human connection, increases understanding, and fosters constructive dialogue. They practice increased self awareness, and learn powerful tools for creating better business and personal relationships, peace and harmony. 

When a business uses CC at the workplace, the morale, creativity and productivity of owners, managers and employees goes up, and conflicts  can be efficiently resolved.